Monday, April 29, 2013

Xeno- the smallest measurement of human connection, typically an exchange with passing strangers but also experienced with aquaintances, fleeting and random but still containing powerful nutrients that can alleviate the symptoms of feeling lonely

i do a lot  of traveling for work
i generally  get along with people i work with
i mean you kind have to on the road, right?
in all honesty they really get on my nerves
but id never say 
theres one guy who i swear never stops talking
from the moment we get into the car 
till long, long, long after
im lucky to manage the occasional 
the second i close my hotel room
is the first breath of peace i get for the day
its exhausting
the whole pretending to care thing
i dont mean that in a condescending way
well maybe i do a little bit
its just that the things this guy talks about 
you an only feign polite interest for so long
and the poor fellow means well 
he's just got this habits of repeating himself
and carrying on in technical jargon 
i've heard about his medical history more than id care to
 his joke reel is really short and plays on loop
regardless of the response he receives
 to put it mildly he's very opinionated
his taste in music leaves something to be desired
and so does his hygiene after a few days on the road :(
but i've got to admit after spending the evening on my own
listening to the thoughts in my head
it is refreshing to hear another human voice
not exactly my first choice when it comes to voices 
or conversations 
or smells
but i suppose the company is reassuring in a way

1 comment:

  1. Though the company MIGHT be a bit comforting, I'm sure you'd really prefer your time with him was the smallest of smallest connections.... the xeno of xeno's...