Thursday, January 2, 2014

one hand on this wily comet..

i could write out new years resolutions and convince
myself that i will stick to them this year... 
but i wont waste the time. 
let's just roll the dice and
see what happens this go around. 
could be good .could be bad.
could be  all the above. 
maybe i'll be a real grown up,
run a marathon, run for president, 
find religion or join a cult,
maybe i'll embrace my inner child, 
maybe i'll learn to fly, or jump out of an airplane,
make time to look up at the stars,
call up everyone i know and tell them i love them,
maybe i'll make someone proud, 
or stop giving a shit about what they think,  
find my niche, actually put forth 
the effort it takes to do something right, 
write more, get organized, become a hobo,
stop living life around the fringes, figure out who i am?