Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A thought on zits.

first blog post in over a year (2015 has been unkind) and I pick zits as the topic? are you sure you wanna read it? 

okay I won't stop you...

recently there has been a video in circulation on the web of a man who's face is riddled with white and black heads and someone I assume a medical professional of some sorts uses a sort of medical instrument to essentially pop these zits. the rampant reposting to social media is a dare of sorts "omg look at this dudes face! bet you won't be able to watch it all!" the date of course works and the video is watched and passed around again and again. upon hearing some coworkers talk about the video i set out to locate it and not only did I find it but i found a plethora of pimple/cyst/boil etc popping videos...and i got zapped in. the particulars fascinating aspect of these videos to me were the ones that were instances where someone had the misfortune in having one embedded for years. one lady had one embedded for over a decade it was the size of a dime and took quite a bit of manipulation from a few people to be removed. one of her excavators compared it's consistency to a tree truck alluding to how adeeply rooted it was. another one commented that once she was free of this blockage that she was going to be able to think so much more clearly. 

i was fortunate enough during my teen years that I never had more than the occasional zit. i do have a bad habit of putting my hands on my face and even now from time to time instill manage to work myself into a red dot or two. but acne has never been a huge point of stress for me. I understand  that, that is not something that would hold true for everyone but this isn't there thought on zits...

Ive had an odd facination with them for forever. Especially popping them. My own and those of my significant others... I do it out of love. This little k-hole of videos I found myself in was reassuring in a way to know I wasn't the only one fascinated.

And the thought bubble formed itself why is that?

my postulation is that it is they're kind of enigmatic.  

being under pressure is something that we can all relate with. zits are pressure points. things that cause us stress. Or the physical manisfestation of the mental stress we feel. and popping them is an act of releasing that pressure. It's never easy and sometimes it's gonna hurt it may even bleed a bit but there's something about the knowledge that the pressure is gone that gives us peace.

even if it's the smallest sliver of peace we still chase  it and watching them being popped is like collecting all the tiny slivers  to complete our piece of peace.

better than nose cheese...
bad joke. 
forgive me my blogging is rusty...