Monday, May 6, 2013

one kids trash is a bigger kids tirade

so i'm never sure what direction this blog is gonna go but
as a good friend pointed out i do need to keep my audience entertained
today on my drive to work i was tossing around ideas in my head 
and of course thats always a slippery slope that generally leads everywhere
and ultimately nowhere
such was the case upon my arrival at work
but as i was packing up to head to my next location for the day
a tiny scrap of paper caught my eye
just a little square folded in fours
one side was lined and the top said:
"write a story about someone who takes care of the enviroment."
i turned it over at the opposite side, in pink child-like handwriting read:
"porkypine or a snake"
it made me chuckle
i picked it up and put it in my pocket and promptly forgot it
until i emptied my pockets for the day

and obviously i pick the "porkypine" because snakes are just douches
though i must admit that i had to do a little research  
to find out what sort of contributions they've made to the enviroment
the snake, it pains me deeply to admit, is actually very essential to the enviroment
and maintaining the balance of the ecosystems and what not....
the old "porkypine" 
(how apt the child spelled it this way
as the word porcupine actually comes from
the middle french word porc espin or spined pig)
well they havent exactly been the best caretakers of the environment
turns out they've actually been detrimental to the southeast asian populations
when used as a primary food source that is..
until recently their primary contributions have been as arts and crafts suppliers
their quills being used in headdresses and other decorative accessories
but i suppose in a family of artists when a kiddo wants to rebellious 
they go out and join the medical field
and thats sort of what these guys have done
in recent years their quills have inspired
a new type of hypodermic needle
specifically the backward-facing barbs on the quills
when used as needles they do two things
penetrate the skin and stay in place
which of course is  quite useful for doing important things like 
drawing blood
and thus creating synthetic vampires
without all the melodramatic im-afraid-of-garlic-heil-transylvania stuff
sorry guys guess you're gonna be in the unemployment line...
wait a minute! 
did porcupines just make vampires defunct??? 
sam and dean couldnt even do that...
hi-five "porkypines"!!
er...well maybe just an air high-five...

alright so this has ended up as more of a rant
and less of a story...
maybe i'll fold the slip back up and put it in my wallet
and revisit it later
or maybe i'll leave it somewhere
for some other like minded scribbler to find
maybe i should take it back 
poor kid probably got in trouble for not doing their homework...

dear kid who writes in pink ink,
sorry you lost your homework and i kept it.
stay away from drugs and stuff
p.s. your teacher probably hates it when you write in pink
stick to basic black, its classy 

Friday, May 3, 2013

May the 4th be with you!

yeah so  a-z....i totally just did that....
some letters were easier than others
i apologize for the resulting dribble
ended up with a lot more fears than sorrows
some posts were more wimpy than others
and i wouldnt say i was happy with them all
i was kind of starting to feel a bit redundant 
but i made it through.
glad i did it.
forced me to write and stuff
i dont know if i could keep up the daily posts
but i would like to get myself on a regular blogging schedule
so something to think about....hmmmm

in other news: