Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Slipcast-the default expression that your face automatically reverts to when idle

im in the habit of people watching
almost to the point of creepiness
not that i do it to be creepy or stalker-like 
as my significant other often accuses.. 
im just curious i cant help it.
when im driving down the road 
i cant help but look into the cars that pass me by
i try to avoid staring but i often do it without realizing
different facial structures and expressions fascinate me
i love looking at the little quirks that make a persons face unique
their deep dimples, cleft chins, birthmarks, scars and freckles...

when i was in school i had a multitude of faces to study
i probably couldnt remember some of those peoples names 
if my life depended on it but i remember their faces 
their happy face, their im up to something face, 
their i am so about to be grounded for life face
and their everyday slipcast

some of them were very content 
as though they couldnt help but smile
no doubt bitten by some puppy love bug
some of them always looked slightly worried
as though they were always trying to work through 
some nightmare of an algebraic equation
many of them wore the faces of perpetual boredom
shuffling along in their zombie like state
some of them looked like wounded animals 
skittish of all who pass them by just awaiting the next attack

i've been told my own varies between wanderlust
and what i can only describe as the way
you squench up your face when you have a headache.
guess it depends on the day.

people often worry over they way they look in the morning
spend gross amounts of time primping and preparing themselves in the mirror
you worry about how you're going to look when you meet someone for the first time
over analyzing everything from the cowlick in your hair to the scuffs on your shoe
but when you think you're alone, or when your thoughts take you away
the way you look to the outside world is the farthest from your mind
as it should be.
but thats what makes the joy of people watching so fascinating
because when people let go of that worry, a tiny glimmer of their true selves show through 


  1. RAH you are a real writer, only real writers notice these details. Or a sculptor --

  2. I'm a people watcher, and I'm aware that my face can look a bit weird when watching, so I have to try to practise 'natural' faces so I don't look like I'm staring!