Friday, April 26, 2013

Venustraphobia-fear of beautiful women

i had alot of note scraps on this phobia yesterday but i didnt get around to actually writing anything
my assumptions on those suffering from this phobia were that they were generally
people whom felt inferior or unworthy of beauty
the whole wanting what you cant have
realizing you cant have it and denouncing it thing that people do
 or those who were insecure about themselves
and therefore feel benevolence towards people they perceive to be superior to them
doing a little research i found that to be fairly accurate
theres apparently a trend in youtube videos right now
where people talk about their fears and mental disorders
i kind of got zapped into it and watched several different ones
and even found one on venustraphobia
its kind of interesting to hear about the phobia from a person who experiences it
some of the videos are very personal and candid
i would consider myself to be a fairly private person
so its mind blowing to me just how much personal information people put out there
i think some people use the platform as a way of getting things off their chests
theres more than a couple of mixed up kids reaching out for attention
and then theres a few people who are farther along their journey through their fears
and are speaking about their experiences and what they've learned
to tell others that even though the road is hard it is not hopeless
who knows what those heartfelt words can mean to someone
i hope they hit their mark.

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