Thursday, April 18, 2013

Panophobia-fear of everything

and father time said unto the quivering boy:
"what are you afraid of child?"

replies the child:
"my father i fear all manners of evil, 
the multitudes of monsters, 
the corruptness of man,
i fear those who have been long gone yet still linger,
the furry spiders with their sharp bite,
the hissing serpent at your feet,
the towering heights of the heavens,
the endless depths of the darkness
that engulf me as night falls,
and all that i can not see or know."

"my child is there anything you do not fear?"

"no my father."


  1. Sometimes that me, afraid of everything, and other times afraid of nothing.

    Love your phobia posts! Maybe because I identify.

  2. The "Charlie Brown" syndrome----
    He sure gave Lucy plenty of nickels to try and work through this issue....