Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nementia-the post distraction effort to recall the reason why you're feeling particulary anxious or angry or excited

im not really big on holding grudges,
im actually quite terrible at it.
i tend to forget all about being mad at someone
and most of the time they've got no idea i was ever cross with them.
i should mention im probably not the best at communication either...

 or as a very good friend of mine once said
" you dont tell people what you really think
until its too late or you are already too pissed
to talk about it. you're too complacent with
things that are important."

probably the truest statements anyone has ever made about me
and this friend of mine made those when we were only 17
several years later they still ring true.

part of its my very libra tendencies to avoid
confrontation and maintain the status quo
part of its the way i grew up,
the school of "sit down you're rocking the boat"

and part of its just my ADD
i can go to bed angry, then wake up and think
"i was angry about something but i dont know what,
 guess it wasnt that important"

its hardly ever that important
and everyone gets so worked up about it.
i've never really got it.

when it is actually really important people tend to
tip toe around things or avoid them all together.

rather counterproductive dont ya think?

luckily though, there exists a few magical moments where humanity
decides to speak its mind and the whole world listens.


thats when we learn, thats when we grow.

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  1. I could teach you how to hold a grudge, if you like.....