Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Contact-high-five- an innocuous touch by someone just doing their job, that you enjoy more than you'd like to admit.

"It's the sense of touch.
In any real city you walk, you know?
You brush past people, people bump into you.
In LA nobody touches you.
We're always behind this metal and glass.
I think we crash into each other just so we can feel something."
                                                -CRASH, 2004

think of the reassuring nurse who pats you on the arm
and tells you not to worry that the shot will be over before you know it.
in that same instance they swiftly poke you with the needle.
you hardly felt it wincing only for a fraction of a second and its gone.
now remove that tiny little arm pat
and delete those simple words of  kindness.
what you've got left is a silent person in a white coat
waiting to poke you with a needle.
--because that's not creepy at all.

i think the words mean just as much if not more than the touch.
take away  the touch and leave the words in the above scenario
and the creepy factor isn't present, take away the words
and leave the touch and it's could be taken different ways.

the desire present in us is not necessarily a physical one, it's emotional.
what we crave is a connection.
an echo of what we put out into the universe.
something that reassures or encourages us.

words hold infinite power.
they can build you up and break you down all within
 the whispers of the most insignificant syllables.

the simplest "hello" or "thank you"

the smallest silence.

all are potential life changing moments in someones timeline.

the only problem is that
everyone has their own interpretation of signals
and a lot gets lost in translation.


  1. As a writer, I have to agree! Words are everything to me.

  2. Good point! When we write we have to think of ways to touch all the senses, don't we. I enjoyed your thoughts on this!

  3. The idea of "Contact-High-Fives" are creepy by their very nature... especially as, I'm assuming, it is from a stranger----
    It's always strange to me when customers feel the need place their hand on your arm or shoulder as part of their sign of gratitude... in those situations I always get a case of the "Contact-Heebie-Jeebie's" :-/