Thursday, April 11, 2013

Japanophobia-fear of the Japanese/Judeophobia-fear of Jews

these are not fears.
they are prejudices.
lets get that straight from the start.
the use of the word fear as a crutch to hide your hate
is beyond sickening.
i refuse to believe that a real fear exists in any
individual that claims these "phobias"
perhaps there's a general feeling of discomfort
around these individuals because of the guilt
we feel as a human race for treating people
in such a horrific manner.
it's not supposed to be comfortable.
if it is then we might need to redefine
what qualifies as humanity, starting with your exclusion.
the guilt isnt mean to weigh you down to your darkest depths.
it's there to be a nagging splinter in your hand, so that you cant forget.
you must always remember.
the past can not be changed.
what has happened, has happened.
now we as a human race must live with ourselves.
and remember our mistakes, so that they will not be repeated.


  1. Agreed. Prejudice should not be excused by calling a phobia.