Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daguereologue-an imaginary interview with an old photo of yourself, a figure frozen in time, who spends their days wondering where you are and what you're doing now.

just imagine.
h.g. wells would be proud.
modern science has invented the technology
to allow you to revisit any point in your life.
provided there's a picture of it, that is.
for a nice lofty sum, you can gain access to one of the new scanners.
simply scan your photo, and it produces a digital copy.
then you plug the digital copy into your computer
and now you have to ability to talk to yourself as you once were.

not exactly what you were expecting?
well progress doesn't always come in leaps and bounds
sometimes baby steps are better for the whole of mankind
i mean imagine an actual time machine hitting the commercial market
it would be absolute bedlam!
megalomania would run rampant through the masses.
forget about the butterfly effect.
we'd wipe out all of existence in the short span of a week.
and that's being optimistic.

this modest technology only expands a bit on the moments already suspended in time.
it doesn't allow you to alter the course of history.
or see things that you havent seen.
it's not about the next bold adventure.
it's just a new way to relive old memories.
if there's anything more marketable that money, sex, and power.
it would be nostalgia.
especially in a society where the people are living longer and longer.
the  majority of people over the age of 60 tend to be a bit dissatisfied with their quality of life.
unable to do the things that they once could and find themselves longing for their misspent youths.
is there anything they would've changed?
maybe so or maybe not.
ultimately they tend to look at those long gone days through rose colored glasses.
seeing things more how they would've liked them to be and less as they were.

given the opportunity to relive those days they'd happily empty their pockets.
but would they be satisfied customers?
would the conversations they'd be able to have with themselves make them happy?
or would the realization of reality be too much?

the old man who tells his great-grandchildren the story of his football championship glory
whose handsome youth sheepishly admits he sat on the bench his whole career.

the vain woman who swears upon a stack of bibles
that her beauty is all natu-ral
her photograph ticks of a list of cosmetic surgeries
 she's had thus far in life.

the lonely widower looking forward to hearing
his wives voice once more
only to hear that she'd been sleeping with another man since their wedding night.

heart-wrenching and life changing.
the backlash would be outrageous.                             

the industry would go under overnight.

people dont want the truth.
they're quite content with their lies.

one baby step forward and five giant leaps back.


  1. I don't regret the time I have and am living in, but I would love to have had more time with my parents and found out more about their growing up in Russia, leaving after the Civil War/Revolution and of course regret losing my first language, Russian. I admire your writing.

    1. there are so many things that we never asked our parents as children, so many things that never occurred to us to ask, things we don't think of until we've lived a bit of life.
      alas there are no time machines, just the ones in our minds.:/

  2. That's a seriously cool concept. Makes me think of all the story ideas I could come up with...

    Happy A through Z blogging!

  3. You're absolutely right. People don't want the truth - they're quite content with lies. Such is the human race.

    Fantastic post, Rah!

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