Monday, April 7, 2014


some days life doesn't feel real.
it feels like you're dreaming.
not in a big this-is-so-not-my-life kind of way
it's more subtle than that.
something foggy in the air
everything just looks slightly fuzzy
like the static from an old tv has escaped and just sort of bounces about
trying on everyone and everything in sight.
something about the way words taste in your mouth
nothing you say seems to be right.
it's like you've forgotten how to communicate.
some far off whispers in your ear
not the im-hearing-things type of whispers
just little ear worms you can't quite shake
and you find your mind wandering off to a place that you've been recently
like you never really left.


  1. This is another good one. Descriptive. "the way words taste in your mouth." Many good pieces of word candy here.

    Maui Jungalow