Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"b" is for baffling

as i stated previously i have no theme this year and just kind of winging it. still catching up, so this one should be shorter than "a"

as in i was baffled when an elderly lady was pushing a cart full of groceries in the grocery store parking lot began whispering to get my attention.
even more baffling was her reason for needing my attention
{do people actually say that?}
{oh i think they're talking to me}
"are you in a terrible hurry, could you help me please?"
'i sort of am but what do you need help with?'
"will you walk with me to my car?"
{insert quizzical look}
"it's just that there's this lady that's been following and watching me ever since i got here"
{looks around for predatory lady, nope i don't see one}
"i don't want her to try anything"
{mind you it's broad daylight}
'um...okay sure where's you car?'
"it's just right here"
[points three feet to the left]
'okay here you are have a nice day.'
"would it be too much of a bother for you to help me load my groceries"
{elaborate ploy for free slave labor? im such a pushover.}
"i just want to make sure i make it out of here.."
{quickly unloads groceries into back of car}
'alrighty looks like your set, take care now.'
[shakily holds out a folded $20.00 bill ]
'oh no m'am i can't take your money.'
"please take it."
'no ma'am'
[bursts into hysterical sobs]
{crap i've broken grandma Methuselah and only 4 mins left to get back to the office}
'it's okay ma'am'
[nods head gets into car and immediately locks door]

true story.


  1. They say that life is weirder than fiction every time!
    Great to follow and connect through A to Z

  2. awwww poor old baffled woman. You were doing your mitsvah for the day. Cheers and thanks for visiting me!

  3. Wowww! That's awesome that you took the time out to help her, but I can see why you'd be baffled because usually there are baggers in the store to help with that sort of thing. IDK, cool story though!

  4. Life is not fair always..but we gotta still love it

  5. I've got a feeling the lady following her was just her shadow.... silly old people are silly--- kudos to you for helping her out, you just earned karma cookies for a year :-)

  6. Very sweet that you helped the elderly woman! They can be tricky though - they definitely know how to get that cheap labor out of us ;)

  7. Dude, you should have taken the $20. She wanted you to.

  8. Sounds like she was in my town especially since an elderly lady was murdered in her home a couple of weeks ago. It isn't nothing to see someone setting on the bench at the grocery store shooting up heroin in this town. My daughter tried helping an old lady and almost got hit in the head with a cane so you are pretty lucky.

  9. Nice story. Little old ladies are a fascinating bunch,

  10. Confused but doing the best she can. Scary getting older.

  11. Curious and curiouser. Wonder what's inside her brain.

    Maui Jungalow