Sunday, April 6, 2014

clashing with the scientist

it gives you a better vantage point to evaluate things.
to look on with little or no invested emotion.
it allows you to realize your mistakes and see where you went wrong.
but does it always provide clarity?
or do you have to go back to the start for that?
is the start really square one?
or can you simply take a new road?
but wouldn't that just be distance with different wallpaper?
 how do you decide if you should stay or go?
staying avoids the distance but don't we need the space for our souls to breathe?
ultimately i guess there is a difference in distance and leaving.
when you leave you're not supposed to come back.
unless of course you are...

ten minute mobile blog version 1.0 
there's a writing exercise where you play music for ten mins and just write whatever pops into your head. as Bradbury says"don't think. just write" figured id try to use it to catch up


  1. I think distance is important for one's sanity....
    if I had my way, I'd give everything and everyone a VERY wide berth (except for a small number of peeps that don't disrupt my cosmic flow, lol)

    Sooooo, 10 minutes of stream of consciousness and you're ready to run away from it all? :-)

  2. 10 minutes can be amazing. Sometimes it's all you need. Sometimes.

    Maui Jungalow