Friday, February 1, 2013


san bernardino county coroners office
the body was discovered by june williams and her son steven in the basement of the ballarat, california jailhouse. the following document was found on the body of john doe # 39-08

    the post card arrived today. i couldnt believe it when i saw it. i mean it simply wasnt possible.well of course it was possible. anything is possible. but it certainly wasnt probable. the post office closed down in 1917, but i suppose the mail still runs out to rocky. gotta fill out the census every ten years or so and then theres always taxes. the government always has to have some sort of in'tel on a string. especially after that run in with john doe #39-04 dont think the local badges' pride could take another round of that.still getting snickers and head shakes from the feds. poor old rocky will talk to anyone. god knows he's lonely. i mean who could blame him after george died. im sure potlicker and brownie are some company, but they're probably not the greatest conversationalists and definitely not as easy on the eyes. looking the way she does, how could he say no? maybe i should have sent her to st. kilda doesnt matter. she would have found her way back eventually.. she always has. i dont know what made me think sending her to the desert would be any different. i guess maybe i thought it would give me some time to breathe. to think. i thought that i'd be able to buy enough time to come up with a solution. i cant make us both happy. the world she wants is one that i dont belong in. i wish i could  explain that to her without making her angry. its so easy for her to lose control.  theres a million things that i love and adore about her. but im starting to realize that we've grown apart. opposites attract. at times we are the balancing forces we need to stay afloat. yet more and more often i get the feeling that we really are too different.  that i cant be myself around her anymore. the things that  make me the happiest annoy her. and any little thing can set her off. i knew  it was wrong. not just morally but karmicly. issac newton and his apple continue to be infallibly right.but she had a little too much to drink and was in a fighting mood and whats the point in having mob connections if you never use them? i couldnt deal with it. i called big toney. he showed up with the doc. they gave her a shot and took her for a ride and that was that. until today. the post card was a picture of a tumbleweed and read: "read the writing manson left on the wall. dont drink the water! see you soon"  i didnt think it was possible, but she did it. she actually lost what was left of her mind. the horrible thought settles in about the time i hear the sound of a rusty 4-wheel-drive pull into the driveway.


  1. I dig this one... not exactly sure what's going on, but I dig it, LOL!

  2. little too esoteric i was reading about far off places and alot about the town of ballarat california i need to develop it a bit more. file it away for now might come back and play later lol