Friday, February 8, 2013

hemingways famous bet

      here i am stuck in my crib AGAIN! how come tommy is never around when i need him?! tommy is my brudder, thomas micheal truman. he's my bestest buddy in the whole wide world. i've been knowing him since before we was borned. my names charlie by the way. charlie andrew truman. me and tommy turned two not too long ago and thats about the time all the trouble started. you see once you get to be a certain age those grown up people start thinking they've got to train you. they want you to talk like they do and sit still and go to the toilet and be quiet and my goodness theres soooo much to remember! i dont know how we're ever gonna do it. they're so pushy about it too! these grown ups think they know it all. at least i have tommy.  lyndsy acts just like them. so bossy and shes not even a grown up yet! lyndsy is our big seester. lyndsy lee truman. she doesnt like us very much. she never lets us play in her room or touch any of her shiney things. she's what the grown ups call a teemager. i think it means shes full of magers. i dont know what a mager is but they make her awful mean. like yesterday when me and tommy when to see what she was doing. we didnt even go into her room we just stood outside and looked at her. she saw us and started yelling and chased us away. she told on me but not on tommy. maybe she likes him more than me. thats when momma decided it was time for me to have a time out. i didnt know i was having a time in. grownups i tell ya! where in the world is tommy? he's sposed to be my partner in crime. we got a system for escaping these situmations. he bends down i climb over and then pull him over with me and we're free. maybe he's practicing his toilet training. personally i've had that whole thing figured out since we were one. its just that i cant go with all those people watching me! its too much pressure! so what's a diaper wearing fellow to do?  tommy gets it. wish i could make those grown ups understand, then i wouldn't be stuck here in my crib. stupid time out. where is tommy?! lyndsy walks by talking on her talky square "stupid baby brother was in my room again he's sooooooooo andoying!"  im not stupid! lyndsy's andoying! me and tommy are gonna get her good just as soon as i figure out how to get outta this crib. daddys home! he comes and rescues me because thats what daddys do. i sit in his lap and he pulls out a book of pictures. i like this game he points at the people and i guess who they are. the first ones of him and momma, then theres one of lyndsy when she was me and tommys age. boy was she ugly! then there's a picture of her holding me when i was a little baby she looks like shes gonna throw up! the next one is a picture of momma and daddy and lyndsy and me. where's tommy? i say tommys name so daddy hears me. he looks at me like he didnt understand. so i say it again louder."tommy!" daddy looks like he's gonna cry. i didnt even pinch him or anything. then i see tommy sitting in the corner. where has he been?! ill interrogate him later right now i need him to fix daddy. i think he's broken. his eyes are all leaky and his nose is sniffley. "tommy!" daddy looks right at him and says "charlie no ones there." 

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