Wednesday, June 26, 2013

perhaps nero and sherman werent all that mad...

stumbled across a website that generates one word
and tells you not to think just to write
i took it a step further and game myself one minute to write
no thinking just writing.
i figured one  minute was a good time frame to start with
dont know if i could stop thinking for longer than that
maybe i could  i might make this a daily exercise just to retrain my brain
and increase the time every couple of days maybe build myself up to an hour?
its a thought....

my word was


why should i be blamed?
who's to blame?

what wrongs have been done that can not be righted again?

why is there so much wrong?

cant we just do something right?

just one something?

we're all to blame.
its our shame to carry.

just for a while why dont we lay our burden down

better yet lets gather together

throw all the blame into a giant flame
and let it burn
burn until theres nothing left

maybe we can start again
and maybe this time we wont have to play the same game

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