Thursday, June 27, 2013

a walk past speakers corner

one word exercise part deux
today's word : joyous

what a joyous occasion!
such a joy to witness a rare moment of time
history is actually moving in the right direction!      

slow progress is STILL progress.
tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow
creeps in....
so much more work to be done
so much more progress to be made

Today we rejoice!

so 61 words in a minute thats 1.1 words per second
the human brain moves so fast or perhaps i just happened to have
a joyous subject on my heart and mind
so the words flowed quickly
either way i think i've accompished two things today

1. making myself write something
2. soapbox blog 


  1. I like this idea of One-Word prompt, stream-of-consciousness-writing... my creative writing teacher in high school used to put an egg-timer on her desk set at 15 mins. We weren't allowed to stop moving our pencils/pens until that 15 min was up--- even if we made a mistake, we just kept writing... I think this is what helped me make it through NaNoWriMo these last 6 yrs :-)

    1. egg timer not a bad idea... :)