Monday, November 19, 2012

the basement

my first week of work i was informed that the basement is haunted...supposedly the building in which i work was at one time an orphanage for small boys i was told that you can hear them laughing and theres often unexplained footsteps heard in the hallways the footsteps i have actually heard early in the morning but not the laughter... supposedly a gang of ghost hunters came out and checked the place out and proclaimed it an official haunted place...i was unaware we even had a basement but this definitely piqued my interest. i discovered that the building was much larger than i originally perceived when the director asked me and my partner to come to his office for a chat but i still hadn't seen the basement the directors office was upstairs along with a few other offices but no sign of this supposed basement my boss assured me that there was one and that she'd give us a proper tour one day but nothing else was said on the matter and we've been on the road for the last few weeks so not much time to go poking around the building... well this week being thanksgiving week we are in the office after about two hrs of reading comic books and another three hours or so of playing words with friends(yes i know my job is so hard) my boss pokes her head around the corner and says "okay lets go to the basement!" my partner whimpered faintly and i jumped out of my seat eager for some sort of adventure!  we followed my boss down the hall and up the stairs? yes up the stairs and around the corner through an office and another door then down the stairs here was a carpeted area with a door leading to the parking lot that can be seen from my office window i assumed the lot was for another buildings usage... she then pointed to an old office door with a closed sign and said "there is a lady down here" a look of terror swept over my partners face "she's not in today but we rent the space out to her, we used to rent alot of this space out but she's the only one down here now"  relief evident on my partners face... down a hallway there was a set of men's and women's restrooms the women's room had a shower that someone at some point had installed the person who had it installed no longer works for the association but some unknown person had apparently been using the shower evident by the men's shower gel and towel hanging in the shower... down a couple more sets of stairs there were a few more office looking rooms a dark room used for developing film way back when my boss says as far as she knows its still functional, a plethora of dead and forgotten robotics and sound equipment,some dusty furniture and books a tanning bed? and other arrays of junk slowly being cleaned out from days when the former director used the area as storage and the final room we saw my boss called an  apartment... well it wasn't really an apartment definitely no kitchen or bathroom but we were told that someone once lived down here had the rooms set up like a two bedroom apartment thus the installation of the shower in the restroom as to why the shower was installed in the women's restroom leaves questions as the person living in the apartment at the time of its installation was male i must admit we did not go into the men's room and to be honest i don't think i really wanna know... no ghost sightings but i really think most people like the idea of ghosts but never really want to encounter them thus the safe enjoyment of watching a scary movie... i could've spent all day exploring down there but my boss ushered us quickly up and out of there leaving my imagination reeling must remember to do more research on the buildings history and plot an excuse to go exploring perhaps i could make use of the dark room or play with the robotics?

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