Monday, November 12, 2012

And today was a day just like any other

MONDAYS. I'm of the Garfield school of thinking when it comes to them aren't we all? I wasn't always or was I? When I was a small child I never really noticed the day I think I was vaguely aware of the fact that the two days proceeding it were different than the four days following it. I knew that my family seemed more relaxed more at ease with the world on the days before knew that there was alot more of life compacted into those two days but the word MONDAY was meaningless. Then school began. Being the knowledge eager child i was suddenly MONDAY was the day learning began. I played and relished in the life rich weekends  MONDAY was the day that ruled my universe. MONDAY was the beginning of all new knowledge. The day for learning new words and ideas! Discovering what stories the week would hold what adventure to be had what new challenges I was going to conquer! Then somehow i don't quite remember when  the challenges became boring and i lost interest  and from some unknown place grew a deep distaste for MONDAYS....they represented early mornings forced socialization imprisonment oppression! Then those grew branches and spread out and planted roots throughout the week soon the entire seven days were completely eclipsed in the great and terrible shadow  of MONDAY! Everyday was a MONDAY! "MONDAY-MONDAY cant trust that day" "Rainy days and MONDAYS always get me down" MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY slap in the face add another load on my back fall to knees repeat and continue the endless loop of life MEANINGLESS!-- Then remove the ground from under my feet knock the wind out of my lungs watch as i scramble around looking for the smallest scrap of my dignity to cling to.  Here a new challenge has arose and i stand unarmed yet ready to face it bruises and scraped knees abound but by George! I find myself trying to fly again. The days slowly resemble their shapes again and up surfaces the joy and elation of the weekend followed far too quickly by the smart slap of monday but this time its smaller sharp and stinging with its little teeth but not life altering not insurmountable just a day to be followed by four and proceeded by two.


  1. Mondays have always sucked... Garfield was right! Though, the retail world bleeds the Monday-blues out of you since weekends don't mean the same thing as before (you don't get them 'off' like you used to). Now, you're out of retail... soooooo, Mondays get to kick you in the teeth all over again :-)