Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

the writing prompts got my brain muscles remembering how to move still in need of some serious fine tuning but moving forward is still progress. i may revisit them at a later date. right now im gearing up to attempt the a-z blogging challenge next! emphasis on the word "attempt". posting everyday will be the biggest challenge for me because it means i have to actually sit down everyday and try to turn off the ADD long enough to thumb together cohesive sounding thoughts. i tossed around a few different themes and originally thought id settled on doing fairy tales or nursery rhymes which sounds do-able in theory but i couldnt really commit to it. back to the drawing board eh? i stumbled upon (quite literally the dictionary of obscure sorrows( loved it! i thought it was swell! i considered making a dictionary of my own but i loved their words so much a felt like they should be used. my only problem with this idea their dictionary does not have any words beginning with the letters I, J, P Q, U, V or Y. amazingly though they have conqured X and Z which i assumed would be my most difficult posts. so i was googling and internet exploring as one does and came a phobia dictionary i've seen similar ones before but this one had the phobias broken down by letter( so filling in the gaps of my obscure sorrows with phobias was a cinch. and thus the "theme" for a-z was born. coming soon from catharsis: the chronicles of fear and sorrow


  1. A-Z phobias? That would have gone great with my A-Z poisons from last year :-)

    You could always combine the fears and sorrows if you wanted to---

    Here's hoping we both survive the month of April... the next step for you, conquering NaNo!!! :-D

  2. Oooh, this sounds like a fun theme! Fun, different, and interesting. I'll definitely check back to read more!

    Best of luck in the challenge,